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Policy of Environment Care Activities

We promote environment care activities to fulfill the following objectives:

» Establishing a responsible care management system that keeps international regulations and trends in mind
» Reducing environmental and human risk through the responsible harnessing of all chemical products
» Assuring environmental protection and safety for people in all international activities and transactions involving    chemical products
» Assuring environmental protection and safety for people in all aspects of our business activities
» Strengthening public trust in our company

We comply with every environmental law and regulation to meet the requirements and clauses to which Kitply Industries has agreed to.
Faithful to the principles of self decision and responsibility, we continue to improve the total safety management of chemical substances
based on scientific data and methodology, always being careful to take worldwide standards into consideration.

We try to instill our core policies and practices in our employees by documenting them threadbare, and subsequently making them public.
In the 21st century, human beings have achieved tremendous economic growth, but at the same time has caused serious environmental problems such as global warming, acid rain and a severe shortage of energy. Environmental conservation is therefore one of the biggest challenges the world faces today. To pass on the beauty and treasure that is the environment to future generations, it is essential that we are all fully aware of the impact our business activities have on the environment, and actively endeavor to control it.

Kitply Industries Ltd. has consistently contributed to conserving the environment by offering to help protect our natural resources and beautify the landscape around us. Having said that, however, we have to admit that our business activities have had some impact on the environment at every stage, including development, design, production, consumption and discard. Well aware of this fact, we put first priority on promoting our environmental commitment along two channels: Increasing the visual appeal of our surroundings by reducing the environmental impact of our business activities. With this stance, we are able to both contribute to environmental conservation and maintain the mutual trust-based relationship we have developed with our customers over the years.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Kitply Industries Ltd. will continue working ever harder to maintain the co-existence of man and nature and preserve the ecological balance of our planet. This lies at the core of our perspective.

The company's success story lies in its plantations in the North Eastern states where conditions are most favorable for such activities as ours. We focussed on developing 175 million hectares of land that, according to the National Commission of Agricultural Survey (1976) had gone to waste. We went ahead, because we believed in our convictions.

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