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Nixon Tulloch, Australia
According to Mr. Tulloch, when renovating with new furniture, you have to set aside a portion of your budge for unforeseen circumstances. He says that changes and additions to the scope of the project and the final selection of furniture, fixtures, fittings and finishes can all have a significant effect on a project budget. Even minor upgrades in furniture can add significantly to the overall cost.

Sarah Featherstone, UK
Always design with change in mind. Consider how important flexibility is in the design process and afterwards. This translates into furniture. If you’re picking a piece of furniture that you love, but aren’t sure is going to fit in with your design plan a little later, maybe you should reconsider.

Catherine Burd and Buddy Haward, Burd Haward Architects, UK
When designing or decorating any room, being financially and emotionally committed is very important. You should never underestimate the extent of this. It is invariably stressful but usually worth it in the end.

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