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There have been a large number of trends in recent times, when it comes to designing your home or office. Here are some of them.

Hand-Crafted Furniture
Be on the lookout for hand-crafted furniture pieces, with the hottest items featuring intricate detailing and scrollwork, hand-woven finishes and unusual materials.
Leather with Fabrics
Leather will retain its popularity as an upholstery fabric, but we'll see it making even more of a statement as it intermingles with various fabrics.
Back to Nature
Getting back to nature will take on new meaning. Palettes will incorporate more relaxed tones, incorporating earthy hues with an emphasis on shades of brown, green and blue. Furniture will naturally pick up on these tones
Ethnic Trends
Never before has the furniture and accessories market been so influenced by so many ethnic trends. It's now possible to go shopping in your neighbourhood and bring home fine, hand-crafted items from as far away as Asia or Africa.
Artistic Mix
The hottest looks in will incorporate an artistic mix of items from a variety of cultures.
Indigenous Materials
Furniture will be best complemented by accessories made from indigenous materials - textiles, hardwoods, reeds or bamboo.

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