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Kitply Royale

Kitply Royale

(BWP & MR Grade Plywood)

Kitply Royale Plywood is premium grade, bonding chemicals empowered, 100% Gurjan, Densified plywood available in Boiling Water Proof Grade. It confirms to the standards of IS: 710. It is also available in MR grade for interior applications.

Kitply Royale Plywood is bonded with Fortified Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per standards of IS: 848:1974 under controlled temperature and pressure with adequate timings to obtain unmatched bonding. All the veneers, which go to the manufacturing, are empowered with Anti-Termite & Anti-Fungus chemicals. Kitply Royale is a replacement of solid wood.

Kitply Royale Advantages:

It is densified plywood thus being denser in structure; it renders greater strength to the woodworking.

Being bonding chemical empowered, this 100% water proof plywood has greater resistance power to fight against borers & termites. In fact, the infusion of GLP in the glue line area of Kitply Royale ensures that it remains protected & safe from the attack of borers & termites.