About Kitply Logo

Founder Shri. S.P.Goenka, reportedly noticed that the plywood layer on his dining table was peeling off continuously. This led him to take a call on creating a product that could withstand the constant exposure of heat and water in the kitchen without showing wear and tear. After some meticulous research, he launched Kitply, an off-take from ‘kitchen plywood’.

The famous French philosopher Henri Bergson once said,

“ To exist is to change, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. ”

We, at Kitply vouch for this, because each time change has knocked, we’ve thrown open our doors as wide as possible. Over the years, Kitply has changed from a plywood manufacturing company to a household name.

The present logo is nothing but a representation of our growth and constant endeavour to innovate. The dark blue colour of the logo represents corporate world and

solidity of the brand to the well-defined bold font, which gives it an elegant appeal, everything symbolizes Kitply’s uniqueness.

The tree placed on the head of the letter “P” shows growth of the business driven on Kitply’s strong foundation. It also represents Kitply’s eco-friendly nature.

The light green and dark green leaves represent both, new and old generation management signifying a new beginning, new ideas along with experience and expertise.

The Tagline “Ply Mane Kitply” re-enforces the leadership position Kitply has secured over the years in the plywood industry.

This growth would not be one bit possible without your constant support. And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for believing in us and helping us mature.