About us

Kitply Industries Limited is India’s foremost manufacturer of Plywood and Blockboard. It was founded by Shri. S.P.Goenka and Shri. P.K.Goenka in 1982 in Assam, India. Kitply’s operations are spread throughout the country with 5 factories and 16 Sales Offices. Having a workforce of about 1000+ employees, it caters to a countrywide distribution network of over 300+ dealers.

Drawing room with plywood interior

Since its inception, the company has been a trendsetter and an important benchmark for the plywood and Blockboard industry in respect of its production processes. It’s a commitment to environment-friendliness, its high ethical standards in business dealings, and its ongoing efforts in community welfare programmes has won acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen.

Kitply has made significant contributions to the nation

building process by way of quality products, services and sharing its expertise.

Plywood Bed

In India, Kitply’s brand name is synonymous with plywood and enjoys a high level of equity in the Indian market. It pioneered the concept of “Branded Plyboards” in the early 80’s.

The company’s products occupy an enviable position in the Indian marketplace and have multifarious applications – Ranging from households to buildings to construction. It is the only plywood company that features in the list of Consumer Super Brands of India. The company’s in-house research and technology ensures not just consistency in product quality but also continuous improvements in products, processes, and application areas. Kitply has also previously extended its services overseas to the Middle East, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


The company was originally incorporated on 26th August 1982, in Assam as Sudershan Plywood Industries Private Ltd. a leading company of the S.P.Goenka Group. It became a public limited company on 1st April, 1985. The company started manufacturing various grades of plywood from 1986 at its factory is Assam. The products were marketed under the trade name “Swastik”. The main objective of the company is to manufacture various grades of plywood, black boards, flush doors, technical grade specialty plywood, etc.

From April 1989, the name of the company was changed from ‘Sudershan Plywood Industries Ltd. to Kitply Industries Ltd.’

In 1990, over three lakh kadam plants were planted in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh under industry-farmers nexus basis. The company proposed to plant 5 lakh kadam plants each year in these two states. Steps were taken to popularise the plantation scheme in the States of Nagaland and Meghalaya also.

In 1997, Kitply Industries Ltd had set up an institute for land restoration and agro-forestry in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

In 1999 the company expanded its decorative lamination unit at Igatpuri in Maharashtra.

Things you must know about Kitply :

  • In India, waterproof plywood is generically known in the market as Kitply.
  • The average annual sales of Kitply, placed end-to-end, would encircle the world in a foot wide strip.
  • The cumulative sale of Kitply, till date, could enable the construction of a wooden bridge, four feet wide, between the earth and the moon – and some way back, as well.
  • Kitply’s bamboo-based products have been used extensively to construct houses in tsunami-affected areas of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Some of the more prominent places where Kitply has been used are Palace on Wheels, Indian Naval Shipyards and the American Consulate.