Kitply Cup

Kitply hosted a breathtaking tri-series between India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Bangladesh in 2008. Like every match between these champions of the game, this series was received with nail biting anticipation and action packed moments.

This exciting series was eagerly awaited by millions of fans across the borders. When the series was announced, a large amount of buzz and speculation was generated in the media industry. Newspapers printed articles about the possible outcome of the series. The Indian team was at a psychological advantage after the momentum they had garnered during its earlier tri-series. Many suspected that the high spirited Pakistan team would take home the cup. The Bangladesh team has also been known to pull off some shocking upsets, setting the stage for a truly spectacular clash. It was really anyone’s game, at that point.

Being a series that was tightly packed into a week, non-stop action was guaranteed. And the teams did not disappoint. Bangladesh battled bravely, but in the end, amidst grey skies and the constant threat of rain ruining the game, they fell short. Leaving the two big guns fighting for the cup, in the finals.

The excitement of an India V/S Pakistan match is an unparalleled energy fuelling the sport of Cricket for decades, now. Speculation about the final outcome was at an all time high, since the two sides were evenly matched and both the teams had played their best so far. Despite the fact that India had a psychological edge over its opponents, gained by the team earlier in the series, when they ended Pakistan’s 12 ODI victory run, experts feared that the team could get too complacent.

The final match was an absolute spectacle. Batting first, Pakistan’s batsmen stacked up an impressive 315 runs. The Indian team’s innings was equally scorching, but ran out of steam towards the end. Leaving Pakistan to emerge victorious, by 25 runs. The jubilant team lifted the Kitply Cup under the fireworks and a stadium full of ecstatic fans, bringing the well-fought series to a satisfying close.

The Kitply Cup was more than a mere triangular series. After the T20 matches earlier in the year, there was talk about how the 50 overs format of the game had lost its spark. But this series shunned those worries, as it gripped the cricket-crazy nation in a frenzy, refusing to let go.