Eco Promise

Kitply is among the first Indian companies to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives.

Tree plantation is a regular and committed activity at Kitply. The total number of tree plantation so far undertaken by Kitply is more than five lacs, across India.

Our ecosystem depends on our natural resources. They demand a flora and fauna in the flush of constant growth, water bodies that are unpolluted, clean air, and fertile land. At Kitply Industries, we recognize that immediate action must be taken to restore and maintain the balance in our ecology. It is our policy to work in harmony with nature, safeguarding the earth’s beauty for the present and future generations. We are fiercely committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment and are always working on new ways to realize this goal.

As part of its commitment to a green and vibrant environment, Kitply Industries has been dedicated to the research and development of ecological products to contribute to the conservation of the latter.