Plywood for fun styling homedecor

July 15, 2019

Those empty, dull walls can be filled with hundreds of possibilities. Get your hands on these super-handy and stylish tips to get your home renovated. It can serve any size of architecture depending upon your needs.


Matching tones are yesteryear fashion. The current trends seem to focus on bizarre and colourful art objects. Pop Art has made its way back to the walls as it reflects the fun-loving personality of the owner.

pop art frame on wall


Now-a-days dramatic lamps are making their way into the decor as important design criteria. If you are short on space, then ditch big frames and try some big illuminating objects.

Wall hanging lamps


Consider having a large painting that sets the tone for a small space. Attempt a high-contrast painting in a moderate space which includes shades of live portrait or abstract art. It will either get inspirational or will look stylish.

Large scale art


Let’s get some fine china on display from the storage space. These serving platters are raging in decor and it also saves the cost of buying anything new for wall hanging and the storage space also gets cleared.

Hanging plates on wall


Are you a travel lover? If yes, then you can wander in your dreamlands in your own house by having murals hand-painted or wall covered, on some walls around your house.

Murals on wall